Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Acolytes

At the time of Communion, the Book of Common Prayer states, “the ministers receive the Sacrament in both kinds, and then immediately deliver it to the people”. However, the word “minister” makes no distinction between lay and ordained people; all baptized Christians are ministers. At Trinity the Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the clergy in administering Holy Communion, yet on any given day this may mean that they are asked by the Rector to distribute the wine or the bread. Serving God’s table in this way is a reminder that we are all called to the “Supper of the Lamb”. In addition, periodically the LEMs are asked to bring the Sacrament to those who are unable to attend services when the Rector is unable to do so.

Acolytes at Trinity are ministers of the altar.  As soon as children are old enough to learn how to serve they are welcome to join the altar party.  Adults are also encouraged to serve as acolytes.


Acolytes lead the procession …


Palm Sunday begins in Houghton Hall …


Lay Eucharist Minister Schedule (PDF)

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