Adult Education

Trinity has two bible studies meeting on a regular basis. One meets on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am (and has been focusing on the New Testament), while the other meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm (and had been focusing on the Old Testament). The discussions are lively. People are welcome to come whether they can commit to regular attendance or can only poke their heads in occasionally. Everyone is encouraged to bring a bible, because we often spend time examining the different translations, and the nuances that are reflected in the different words used to convey the biblical authors’ intentions.

Each Lent a special program is also offered as a six week focus. In the past Trinity has focused on healing prayers and the theology of the laying on of hands (from which emerged our monthly healing service), the Beatitudes, C.S. Lewis’s book “The Screwtape Letters”, and a critical examination of the made for television movie “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Bible Study