Trinity’s by-laws state, “The Parish has been established as a parish of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA), also known as The Episcopal Church (TEC), and of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island.  The religious corporation, its Rector, and Vestry shall at all times adhere to and observe the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the same, as set forth in its creeds, articles, liturgy, and its constitution and canons.  The religious corporation shall at all times be subject to the spiritual jurisdiction and authority of the Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Long Island”.

The current Bishop of Long Island is The Right Reverend Lawrence Charles Provenzano.  On the diocesan website, which can be accessed at  http://www.dioceseli.org/ , he writes, “The Diocese of Long Island is a vastly diverse and holy community of people and ministries that strive to bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ and each other and to serve the needs of all God’s people”.

Bishop Lawrence C. Provenzano